How I can Auto LogIn? How QTrader can start to work together with Windows started?

I need to collect DOM data at night time, I must Wake Up just for press LogIn button. How I can Auto LogIn?
Anyway Login window remember password, no security limitation.
How QTrader can start to work together with Windows started?
Thank You.


  • Hello,
    If you are leaving Qtrader running you should not need to login during the middle of the night. What is causing the issue?
  • Oh Yes, If Ieaving my car running overnight I should not need to start it every morning! Good Idea! Many Thanks.
  • Hi,
    You can refer to this link which will explain how to create a Basic scheduled task, which includes running a particular program at the same time every day (at specific times).
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    You can use the following command line which will launch QTrader and automatically enter the username & password. The quotes are necessary to include.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\CQG\QTrader\Bin\logcln32.exe" -silentlogon -USER="XXXXX,YYYYY"

    where XXXXX is your username and YYYYY is your password.
    For use on a 32 bit operating system, replace Program Files (86) with Program Files.

    This command line can be put into a .bat file and that bat file can be put into the Windows Startup folder. Instructions for doing that here:

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