Flatten button on Qtrader DOM

I know you have the Liquidate all but if i have multiple instruments open.. how do i flatten just that contract? There does not seem to be a flatten button for the DOM that i am trading in. Qtrader user here and certainly this would be very useful - have heard the same complaints from others


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    The functionality you mention doesn't exist in a single click solution on Qtrader or CQGIC. You can right click on the POSITION on the CONTRACT TAB in DomTrader and select *Liqidate this Position*. CQGM now includes a flatten button if you are interested in testing it.
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    CQG M doesn't have a flatten button on the DOM, there is one on the lower left toolbar, I have no idea whether that is a global flatten or individual to that contract, since it is not located on the DOM, and there is no documentation that I can find related to that.
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    CQGM does offer the choice to flatten a position in the tab of each contract being traded on HOT. You will see the number of working orders in the top right hand corner of the HOT widget - to the right of it is a drop down arrow which allows you to access the feature.

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