Go Flat — for a single symbol

edited December 2016 in CQG Desktop
We've had various requests for this functionality from customers and have released it in version 2.8.

Tapping on the position display, you can liquidate or go flat if there are working orders.

Tapping on the order display, you can cancel or go flat if there is a position.

You can about read more of the new features in CQG M v 2.8 here.


  • How do you liquidate just one option if you have multiple ones?
  • Hi jstrick999,

    You will need to display the symbol for that particular option's Strike and month on a HOT widget and use the Liquidate button. This will only liquidate the position in that symbol, other positions will not be affected.
    Please note the difference between the Liquidate button on the HOT widget and the Liquidate All button on the "Open Positions" widget. The Liquidate All functionality will affect all positions on all symbols.
  • what if you have 2 options with same market, month, strike price, but you only want to liquidate 1?
  • could you give a screen shot of what this looks like in CQG M?
  • if you are referring to the case where you are Long 2 options on the same market, month and strike but only want to reduce your position, you will need to sell 1 of these options using an order. Using the Liquidate function on such position will sell the 2 lot position.
  • You may refer to the screenshot at the top of this topic. The display will be the same whether you have a position on a futures symbol or on an option.
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