Lost Pages on Upgrade

Many people have lost pages upon upgrade b/c they have been created on one of the CQG "Canned" Pages 1000-1008. Solution is to revert the user, save to a lower page; 1 for example. Backup and export settings. Rename and add newly created Page button to toolbar.


  • Thank you for the tricks but some steps are missing or unclear.
    Please note that 'revert the user' is actually choosing the Revert to the previous CQG release. So the full procedure is:
    1) Start / Programs / CQG..... /Revert... Then it's better to restart the PC
    2) Launch again the reverted CQG release and save the customized page to another page #
    3) Backup and export the settings, e.g. on the desktop
    4) Upgrade CQG to the newest release.
    Then... "Rename" ... what exacty?
  • You'll want to go to Page menu item or button and choose Save as...
    Select a page number to save to
    Select Page options again if you like, and choose Customize Page Toolbar
    Here you can add and rename the button and page
    I hope that helps.
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