Showing buy/sell orders on chart


Is it possible to show your buy and sell orders on the chart. You know where you see a green/buy arrow and red arrow/sell with a line going across. If so, where do you enable this. Thank you


  • Order Display (OrderDis)!Documents/orderdisplayorderdis.htm

    The Order Display study is one of several trading studies.

    This study offers an easy technique to compare trading decisions with subsequent market action by marking executed trades on the price chart.

    The study places symbols on a chart for any executed orders and plots horizontal lines for any working orders. The executed trade symbols are placed on the intraday bar the trade occurred during and at the price of the fill.

    The plot for indicating a working order is a horizontal line. The line’s starting point is the time the order was placed. The line displays the size of the working order. The working order can be canceled by right-clicking on the horizontal line and choosing cancel order from the menu.

    Rolling the mouse over the order display symbol on the chart opens a tooltip window detailing the date, time, bought or sold, and size of the filled order. The working order tooltip includes the same information and the type of working order.

    Charts of synthetically traded spreads will display executed trade symbols and working orders on both the chart of the spread and the charts for the outright contracts. Charts of exchange traded spreads will only display the symbols on the chart for the exchange traded spread, not the outright legs.

    If the Drag to Modify parameter is turned on, you are able to modify the working order price from the chart.
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