Yield curve question Updated

Can you tell me how the attached chart works using the yield curve. Please give me an example. What advantage do I have. Thank you


  • Hi,

    The Yield Curve chart plots the different bonds that are available (in your example for Brokertec). By default the chart will draw the black line, which corresponds to the current yield prices of the bonds that are displayed. The 3 buttons at the bottom right of the chart will allow you to plot the curve as it was 14Days (red line), 6 Months (blue line) and 1 Year ago (orange line) in order to see the evolution of the curve over time (the Curve Preference allows you to modify the number of days/ months/years). Note that you can also add/remove/edit other instruments to that curve by right-clicking on one of the symbols at the bottom of the chart.
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