Analog Chart

long time ago, maybe 4 years or so, I had IC and I was able to setup an analog chart that could syncronize time and price... meaning i was able to change the period on the analog to 10 minutes and the start of each candle would coincide with the start of the candles of the 1 minute chart that I would overlay.

now when I am trying to do it with QT, it just dont do it at all... the offsets are completely wrong, even when I analock to move the chart...

is one no longer able to do that? curious... when I saw the MBF bars I thought, "hey, I remember how to do that!" .. but that is no longer working it appears.. not sure if a limitation to QT like one of the many.


  • Hi,

    I am not aware of any recent change in the Analog Overlay behaviour. Are you able to share a specific example as well as a screenshot?
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