study based on two time scales

Hi there - I have a study based on two time scales (e.g. 5 minute and daily). How can I access both types of bars ? Are there examples?


  • Hello,
    Do you want to display both sets of bars on a single chart? If so you will want to use Chart Analog Overlay -- information is at!Documents/chartanalogoverlayanalog.htm
  • I saw that, but with chart analog overlay the two set of bars are not synchronized. What I actually need is to use a short term time scale (e.g. 5 minutes) and also access the open, high, low, close of the daily bars from the days before. Is there a convenient way of doing this?
  • In a custom study, if you just use "Close(@)" then the interval will change with the bar interval of the chart on which it is displayed. If you add an interval qualifier, such as the daily "D" as in "Close(@),D" or a 5 minute interval as in "High(@),5" then the charted interval will be overridden with the study interval.
    If you want to access the Daily high 2 days ago in a study for placement on any chart, you can use "Close(@)[-2],D."
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