Trade option Collar or Three way

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Would you like to show me , how to trade Collar option and three way Product : Soybean meal Oct 17

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  • I am using Qtrader Platform
  • A Collar option strategy is Long the future, short an out of the money call and long an out of the money put.

    Oct Soy Meal example
    Long ZME 308
    Short 315 call
    Long 305 put

    A three way strategy is long a put spread and short a call

    Oct Soy Meal example
    Long 310 put
    Short 305 put
    Short 315 call

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  • i mean that, how to trade on Platform to place two way order together avoid risking when i place step by step way order
  • CQG UDS does not support doing option collar strategies as the functionality does not allow a future contract with options.
    To do a 3 way the options would be entered as a Custom strategy in the Option Strategy window as shown below and after pressing the Trade Button and the strategy appears in the DOM window if you have Notifications turned on and click on the Buy side of the DOM the Notification window will appear and show the legs of the strategy and the Buy and Sell of the legs as shown in the below example.

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