Price Alerts

Hi Guys, I was thinking about the most critical thing with the new Mobile system will be price alerts. This is tricky because unlike a desktop, when the IOS goes to sleep it cuts the connection. I assume this can be overcome using the notification system in IOS. Lots of people get texts or push notifications that buzz once. Can you use push and force it to keep buzzing until the user turns it off forcing you to acknowledge the price alert has been hit ? Otherwise I think the basic functionality is there in the mobile system. You could keep adding things, but it is after all just for a small screen. I feel the stout on the quote list screen could be optimised a bit to fit more markets on. I feel a lot of people are making the switch to more mobile and large screens. It needs to be able to work on iPad pro and Microsoft surface size screens. I currently use CQG desktop on my iPad pro 12.9 a lot and as said the only issue I have is having to log in again once your iPad goes to sleep. The way this reloads with fingerprint recognition and not having to go through the login screen is a master stroke.


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    Thanks Martin, price alerts are definitely on the list. They will be coming to CQG Desktop soon and they are a priority of mine for CQG for iOS and Android as well.

    To your point about the persistent push notifications, you can do this now in Settings--> Notifications --> CQG on your phone. Change the banners to Persistent.image

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