QTrader vs IC

If a custom indicator is developed in QTrader can it be directly ported to IC or does it need to be refactored, and does QTrader charting support 1second charts, have been informed IC does.


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    1. Any custom indicator that works in QTrader will work in IC. The only way they wouldn't be compatible is if the indicator used third-party studies that were enabled on one system but not the other.

    2. Yes, QTrader does have 1-second charts. The chart type is called the Sub Minute Bar.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can also reach us by email 24/7 at support@cqg.com

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    Many thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know. In QTrader and IC, is it possible to securely encrypt the code.
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    There are 2 ways you can create and secure your formula.
    1) Use the "Edit Permissions section in the Formula Builder window and ensure the pac you create is Read Only and passworded. (see below)

    2) Use our Charting API, which will not only allow you to create a .dll file that can be imported in other systems, but also give you greater flexibility when designing indicators in C#. More information below.
  • Perfect, thank you
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