Serious issue with CQG QTrader smart orders (brackets)

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Hi, i noticed this dangerous problem with CQG Brackets orders:

You see in the allready opened position, a stop loss and a profit taker are chained togheter and they'll be effective also during an internet disconnection or a power failure.

In the pending order instead, the brackets are only "parked", last night my internet went down while i had a working pending limit order protected by brackets. During the DC i was filled but parked orders disappperead, and i was left in the market without a stop loss.

This can be very dangerous, as they lost they server side feature.

Please fix it.



  • Hi

    I am checking if it they might be moving to the exchange servers... in the meantime -

    I highly suggest you only trade with bracket orders when you can monitor the trades. In the future if you lose your internet - call the FCM and cancel the working order or put a stop in the market if you have an open position. If you need to trade overnight - place your limit entry order along with a stop for protection. Then you can OCO the profit objective to the stop once you are filled.
  • Been informed that bracket along with other orders will moved over to the exchange servers... no ETA yet.
  • Thank you for your quick reply, yes i'll work that way until problem will be fixed.
    I just place a limit order with a separated stop order, then i place a take profit and chain OCO togheter with the stop after the fill.
    Black swan avoided. I also use CQG Mobile as backup with phone but during fast market can still be to slow to act.

    Many thanks
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    Happy xmas to the CQG forum and staff!

    #1. - Will the LMT order in the pic delete 2 or 4 STP orders after the fill?

    #2. - My monthly CQG QTrader fee (40$) is currently waived by AMP futures.
    If i add another FCM to trade with it (Dorman or Berkeley) do i have to pay another 40$ for each of them?

    Or it's free to use now with my other accounts?

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    Dear service client, i have another problem:
    How can i change this setting in the DOM?
    I would like to see if there's an empty tick between the bid-ask spread, like in the other DOM.
    This is important so you can act fast and made a better bid/offer

  • Please refer to the information provided in the help file on using the compression tool in the dom trader!Documents/compressionbuttondomtrader.htm
  • Thanks, i resolved the issue!

    What about the monthly CQG fee to use it with multiple FCMs?
  • Monthly base and exchange fees are only charged once: each FCM would charge associated transactional fees.

  • Very good to hear, thanks! Last question, can i get CBOE Option chain data feed in CQG QTrader?
    Do i have to ask it to AMP or directly to CQG Support? How much does it cost?
  • Hi,

    You will need to request it from AMP directly.
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