Quote List Set Out

Hi, just a suggestion for quote list set out. Currently on the left you have the symbol and on the right you have Last and High and underneath them the Open and Low. What are thoughts on replacing the open with the net change? I find when you log on for an overview of the markets not having the net change on all of the symbols in your quote list very frustrating.


  • Hi, thanks for changes. Can I suggest Touch ID for other products such as CQG Desktop? Touch ID change is good and net change is good. Suggest toggle option for net change to be % or number of points. Otherwise I think it covers everything you would need on a phone right now. You can complicate this as much as you like but in my opinion you need to define a mobile platform as basic. To me it now does everything you need on a mobile device. Great work!
  • Thanks for your support and testing Martin. We will be adding the %NC and NC to the OHLL view in the quote screen in the next release. And we'll add biometrics to the list for CQG Desktop.
  • Martin, check out the latest release of CQG for iPhone, we've added a third column of data and you can choose between 2 modes:
    • net change, % net change, open, last, high, low
    • net change, % net change, last, settlement, ask, bid
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