Login 2 CQG Desktop at the same time from 2 different FCM

Can I login 2 different CQG Desktop at the same time from 2 different FCM? I have 2 different accounts from 2 different FCM and I would like to login them at the same time from the same computer.


  • Hello,
    You can ask one FCM to allow exposure to the other on one login. You would need your username , exactly as it appears, and request that the FCM contact us to open the account to them. Then, you will have one CQG Desktop login with both accounts linked to it.
  • Thanks for the reply. What if I have one Q trader and one Desktop basic version in my computer, can I login both account (different FCM) with different platform at the same time?
  • In that case you would want to have to separate Trader logins. One from FCM A with your account there, and one from FCM B and the second account. New exchange regulations mean a trader ID can only be logged in at one place at a time, so if you would like to have both QTrader and CQG Desktop open with two different accounts then you would need two different logins.

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