extreme NYSE tick readings?

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When using other data providers in recent years, a +1000 or -1000 nyse tick reading was not too uncommon. in fact, we commonly used these readings as part of a trade entry model. I use CQG with ninjatrader, and now, almost never see such readings, although those I keep in close contact with , still see such readings using other data providers. Apparently the tick indicator and some kind of short term sweep a number of times each minute, in order for it to stay current. Has this sweep cycle changed for CQG...? and if so, how often is this calculation updated within each 1 min interval....?

Please help.


  • Hello,
    Please contact Ninja Trader for assistance with this question.
    Thank you for your interest in CQG’s products and services. You can find product information and a comparison at http://www.cqg.com/products/product-comparison.
    Access to CQG data using third-party software is facilitated by one of our FCM partners. You need to speak to one of those partners directly. Choose an FCM from the list at  http://www.cqg.com/partners/fcms.  
    Once the FCM sets up your account, the FCM assigns you a trader ID (associated with the applicable third-party software). The FCM then emails you login credentials for that trader ID, and you use those credentials to log on to the third-party software and access CQG data. 
    Pricing is provided by the FCM. If you have questions about CQG products and services, email askcqg@cqg.com.

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