Can I overlay one chart on top of another?

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  • CQG provides the Chart Analog Overlay Study. With a chart as the active window, left click on the ‘Study’ button. In the alphabetical listing of studies, click on ‘Chart Analog Overlay’. Click on the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the ‘Add Study’ window, and then click on the ‘Close’ button. The title bar of the active chart will now display the symbol twice (GCZ4-Gold-Pit, Dec 04, Daily | GCZ4-Gold-Pit, Dec 04, Daily). In the command line, enter a second symbol (e.g. SIZ4). The symbol in the chart title bar will now be SIZ4-Silver-Pit, Dec 04, Daily | GCZ4-Gold-Pit, Dec 04, Daily. Two sets of bars will be displayed on the chart. If you place the mouse over a bar, a small window will be displayed that tells which symbol is represented. For more information on Chart Analog Overlay please call CQG Customer Support.
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