Server-side Bracket Orders Placed from the iPhone, how they behave on other CQG apps

CQG for iPhone is the first product at CQG where you can place server-side bracket orders. Here's how they will appear and behave on the other platforms.

Bracket order placed on iPhone.

Initial order is working

CQG Desktop
  • Bracket will show up as a linked order on CQG Desktop (full bracket functionality coming in version 3.2 in 2-ish weeks)
  • Can be modified or cancelled

  • Bracket will show up in CQG IC in a special way
  • OCOs are visible in DOMTrader (usually these are not visible in client-side bracket orders in IC
  • OCOs are visible as child orders in the Working orders tab (usually these show up in the parked orders tab in IC)
  • The Initial order can be cancelled from the DOMTrader by right-click and as well as from the O&P window, X button
  • Initial order cannot be modified

Initial Order filled, OCO’s working

  • 2 OCOs seen working
  • orders must be cancelled individually

CQG Desktop
  • OCOs seen working in HOT and Orders
  • Orders must be cancelled individually

  • OCOs seen working in the DOMTrader and O&P
  • Orders must be cancelled individually (as will existing client-side bracket orders)
  • OCO orders can be modified individually.

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