CQG Desktop Drawing Tools

Hi there,

Any timeline for drawing tools to be include in CQG Desktop?


  • Thanks John, We are working on them now. Which pointer tools do you use?
  • Dear marcus, the most basic drawing tools would be Trendline, Channel / Parallel Line, Vertical and Horizontal line plus Fibonacci Retracement;

    noted on the demo version already have heiken ashi candle, tq so much just wait it to be updated on the live acc

    with the complete of drawing tools it all will be complete set for CQG Desktop

    next to wait is alert on price and volume and also Android apps
  • Hi Marcus it is the best thing if CQG desktop can be provide basic drawing tool such like Trend line,Parallel channel ,horizontal and vertical line,also Fibonacci retracement and all thing basic drawing.
    Since CQG also have heiken ashi candle my request hope CQG should have volume candle and tick candle.
    It will be the best experience for me used CQG for trade.Thank you
  • Simple horizontal line and trendline will do initially - better have something rather than nothing
    Then, slowly adding more complicated drawing, well a lot to mention :smile:
  • Hi Marcus,
    It would be perfect if CQG have volume chart and seconds chart. Then, CQG will be my number 1 platform.
  • abahfurqan, agree, thanks. The pointer tools you mentioned are slated for our first set.
    version 3.4 is planned to go to production this weekend.
    Working on price alerts and Android app is in testing.
  • madimatomato: Yes, working on the basic drawing tools now. Will have to let you know when we start to get other chart types including volume based charts. Thanks for your feedback.
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    faizhebat: thanks for your understanding :) Our approach has been to try to develop the most commonly used features first, and make sure it continues to be easy to use, then grow the feature set and sophistication.
  • nat: We'll let you know when we get close to volume and sub minute charts. Thanks.
  • Marcus, version 3.4 update including heiken ashi candle?
  • abahfurqan, yes, 3.4 has Heikin-Ashi (not pointer tools yet)
  • I see noted with thanks :) :)
  • Thanks for update Marcus.
    Any timeline about drawing tools so far? Simple horizontal perhaps :smile:
  • abahfurqan, I've moved the bracket question to a new topic: https://forums.cqg.com/discussion/225/bracket-orders-and-margin-question#latest
  • faizhebat: we are looking at early Fall.
  • Nice Marcus, hopefully we see something around autumnal equinox this year
  • dear Marcus, when can we expect update on the new version 3.4 on live account?
  • The version should be released this week.
  • Noted, can't wait
  • tq its have updated!
  • Let us know what you think about the new features. thank you
  • really love on some default setting on advance order for bracket and trailing

    plus i love heiken ashi candle

    big thanks
  • Hi,

    Fall is almost over and Winter is coming but I still cannot draw even a single simple line on CQG desktop chart

    Seems like no effort to put a drawing features to the platform
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    Faizhebat, agree, they should be in v 3.8.
    Correction: Trend line, and horizontal and vertical cursors will be in v 3.9.
  • want to know for stop order type what is the stop price range if gap happen?
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