Chart Features Request for CQG Desktop


I would like to request the following features to CQG Desktop's chart:

1. Able to zoom in and zoom out using mouse scroll
2. Place adjustable gap between last bar with rightmost price axis


  • i would like to request chart end/last candle can be drag to middle so at least for wave trader can draw their expected wave prediction

  • edited July 2018
    Yep.. I feel annoyed with the last candlestick (or bar) stick to the rightmost price axis. Kindly please allow some space between them
  • Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us. We entered the suggestions under ticket # 1061494404.
  • Thanks! Appreciate it :)
  • CQG Desktop version 4.0 is planned to be released to production over the weekend, and it gives the ability to pan the chart so that there is space between the current bar and the price scale. You can see a list of all the major features in the release here:
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