How do I transfer component pacs to CQG?

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  • Follow these steps to transfer component pacs from one CQG system to another CQG system:

    1. On the system of origin, left click on the System button and left click on 'Import/Export Pages & Components'.
    2. In the Import/Export Pages & Components window, left click on 'Export' and left click on 'Component Pac'.
    3. Click the OK button to display the Export Pac Wizard which will walk you through the export. 
    4. Save the file to the Desktop for easy access.
    5. Transfer the newly created file to the receiving system's Desktop.
    6. Follow the previous procedures using 'Import'.
    7. To download the Component Pacs available on this website, click on the link for the Component Pac you wish to use from the Downloads page and choose 'Save As'.
    8. Save the pac to your Desktop and follow the instructions above for Importing. 

    For additional information on Component Pacs, please contact CQG Customer Support.

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