Placing orders via Excel to CQG

Just checking if you have any excel or VBA scripts samples when you can run 10 Q Formulas or DOM Contract Orders via Excel.
The excel should populate the current bid and offer and will allow as us work a bid or ask price.

Seems that the samples are all bulky. meaning I can only place 1 order per excel.

It is more like an autotrader when prices can driven by excel to the autotrader. It should be able to turn off and on via excel.

Just have to work 10 orders in 1 go,

Is there a VBA function where I can place order via Excel? A sample will do.


  • We have an excel trader that is available to clients willing to work with alpha software. You could accomplish your task using it. If you are interested you can call Jim Stavros at 312-939-1574.
    I am a product specialist/manager at CQG. Email is
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