CQG Desktop - Suggested Enhancements

I think CQG Desktop is a great platform, devoid of the clutter that others add, in in lieu of innovation.

Suggestions I have to enhance of the platform are:

(1) Risk-reward drawing tool/visualization. For example, something like that found on TradingView: https://blog.tradingview.com/en/estimate-profits-new-long-short-position-drawing-tool-4239/.

(2) The ability to nest pages under other pages, in the side bar. For example, having a parental page for a given commodities complex and then having sub pages associated with it.

(3) Selection of predefined options strategies in the options view, with analysis data including probability of profit and risk/reward.

(4) Perhaps within “Symbol Info”, the option to assign a user-defined name to an item in a quote board. For example where a user-defined name for a spread is more meaningful to the user than the exchange-assigned name.

(5) The ability to designate local vs global linking of objects e.g. all objects on this page are locally linked, while all objects with a different label are globally linked across all pages.

(6) Connected to the previous point, the ability to differentiate symbol linking and interval linking.

(7) As and when alerting has been implemented, the ability to designate an alerts page, that provides a consolidated view of alerts across multiple instruments, for a user-specified time period.


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