How do I chart?

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  • To create a chart, left click on the ‘Chart’ toolbar button in the upper left corner of your CQG screen. A chart appears. In the lower left corner of the chart is a blinking cursor. This is the command line where the symbol and/or the time frame (Intraday and Historical) are entered. You can use the following Intraday time frames: 1 through 60 minutes (1, 10, 30, etc.). You can use the following Historical time frames: Daily (,D), Weekly (,W), Monthly (,M), Quarterly (,Q), and Annually (,A). CQG provides multiple chart types: Bar, Percent Bar, No Gap, Fill Gap, Equalize Sessions, Candlestick, Line, Constant Volume Bar, Tick, Point and Figure, Market Profile, Yield, and Spread Bar. For more information on charting, visit the CQG User Guide Web page and the CQG IC Quick Reference Card.
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