What is the easiest way to learn CQG formula language.

What is the easiest way to learn CQG formula language.


  • Left click your study button ( left toolbar of your chart)

    Go to the functions tab.

    Left click the function you want to learn about ( left click the study column not the button column)

    left click the info button at the bottom of the Manage or add study window.

    read how to use each function.

    Here is the description of SetReset

    This function is available on the Add Study window and in the Formula Toolbox.
    Set/Reset creates a picture of binary data for you, using two conditions. The first condition is displayed as an uptick on a line graph. The line continues on that level until the second condition is satisfied. Then the line returns to its baseline until the first condition occurs again. On a bar graph, the bars change colors to reflect the set and reset conditions.
    For example:
    mval := MACD(@,13,26);

    diff := mval - MACDA(@,13,26,9);
    SetReset(mval XABOVE 0, diff < diff[-1])
    In this example on a bar graph, this formula would color bars when MACD crossed above zero and would stop marking the bars when the difference between the MACD and the MACDA turned down.




  • A few other helpful resources for writing formulas in CQG:
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