Please ad your suggestions.

Here's some of my suggestions that could improve CQG.

-Being able to move tabs in the domtrader.
-Being able to lock  the domtrader ladder (price) .
-Being able to shrink the domtrader a bit more.
-A time and sale in second. (I herd it's coming soon)
-A marker in the time and sale that tell if it's a implied trade.
-A filter in the time and sale to see only the implied trades.


  • -Trigger the domtrader triggered stop even if it don't trade but the bid goes below the set parameter. That way in markets that don't trade much your not still not triggered when the bid as become offered without trading.
  • Since DOM Triggered Stop Limit orders are designed to be triggered by both a threshold breached AND a printed trade at that price before executing, your idea is outside any Exchange-defined order type.  However, our API and Algo Order team could help you design this order type.  You can contact them at  
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