How to pull Integrated Client logs to send to CQG for investigation

To pull logs from your IC to send for investigation to CQG, follow these steps:

Click the Microsoft Icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Go to “All Programs” >> CQG >> CQGNet >> CQGNet Log Generator

The Log Generator Wizard will walk you through
the process and ask you a couple of questions.  You can attach images or
files here too.  Please include relevant contact information and a detailed account of the issue.  Items of specific interest include Order numbers, specific date/time of incident, page number incident occurred on, specific symbol and time interval being observed.
4.  If you chose to automatically transfer the logs, this will take several minutes and will indicate it is completed with a "Finish" buton.

The logs will be received and reviewed by the staff most qualified to determine the initial cause of the incident and may offer a workaround or resolution to the issue.
****Alternatively you can Click the System Button from Within CQG and Select "Report an Issue to Support"*****

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