How to access CQG Instant Message (IM)

To use the free Instant Message service that CQG offers between CQG Integrated Client users, your system must first be enabled for it.  To ensure that it is enabled, you can write or call 800-525-1085 to find out and/or get it enabled.  Many systems already have it as a default setting.

Next, to have the button on your screen to quickly access your list of CQG IC friends, follow these instructions:


1. Right click in space under LEFT SIDE TOOLBAR 
2. TOOLBAR MANAGER should pop up
3. Third row is called “Communications”
4. Left Click “>>>” next to Communications
5. Another pop up should appear: Customize Communications Toolbar
6. Click on “IM” and the IM button should appear at the top right of your monitor when the CQG screen is maximized.

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