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In the world of electronic trading there are a host of applications available.  With CQG you have Dom Trader, Order Ticket, snap trader, portfolio monitor and a few others, and while all trading applications seem to have some level of personal configuration available, no vendor offers a completely customizable order interface.

Imagine if you could access a drawing palate where through a series of checkbox decisions, like in CQGIC trading preferences, the design palate would populate with your choices.  Now imagine if you could grab and move and size these features to any location on the design palate, Would you?  Imagine if you could split the DOM ladder into 2 where Bids and offers are now side by side, with the ability to invert the DOM or create an order entry interface that is tab delimited with dropdown boxes. 

Would this be of value to you the trader; to be able to design an order interface that met your specific needs?

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  • that is complicating the DOM for no reason, the order ticket does most of what you are proposing. Please focus the dev resources on making IC more stable, and migrating to 64b so that you can address more than ~4GB of RAM as well as being able to take full advantage of all the cores available within a machine. As an example, I have 12 cores(24 threads) and IC complains all the time about being 100% CPU, yet the box is pretty idle... the 2014 is a step forward, but needs to mature and become more stable.
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