How do I download CQG M to my smartphone?

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  • CQG M is actually a convenient web based application that doesn't require downloading or installing. You can use your preferred mobile Internet Browser to simply visit the site and get started using it right away.

    An easy way to access CQG M as quickly as clicking on an app is to create a home screen shortcut. This process allows you to create a shortcut on your home screen that looks and behaves as a traditional app icon would. Below are a few links to brief tutorials that explain the process for iPhones and Android phones. Please let us know if you are using a different mobile operating system and I'll be glad to send you instructions on how to accomplish the same task for that as well.

    iPhone - Add a shortcut to your Home Screen:

    Android - Adding one-touch bookmarks to your Home Screen

  • I wanted to confirm with everyone that we are actively working on an iPhone app. More details to come.
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    Improvements to CQG M on Phones
    • Trading buttons have been removed from the details page to give more space to the content on each of the tabs.

    • In place of the trading buttons on the details page, we've added the trading buttons to the chart.
    • Tap on the double arrow button in the upper right of the chart to show/hide the trading buttons.
    • Use the gray up/down arrows to select a price on the chart. Double-tap the chart area to reset the price and the chart.
    • The Order Display study is on by default and displays working orders and fills.

    • The position line is visible on all tabs. Tap on the position to liquidate/go flat, tap on the orders display to switch to the orders view and manage orders. Tap on the account to select a different account.
    Read about the improvements here:
  • We've released CQG Mobile to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store:
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