I like QTrader, how do I subscribe?

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    1. You’ll need an existing trading account with one or more of our FCM partners.
    2. If you have an account with an FCM, contact your account representative at your FCM and tell them you want to use CQG QTrader.
    If you don’t have an account with an FCM, you can find one here.

    What to expect

    After contacting your FCM, you’ll receive an email with your trading login (this is separate from your CQG login).

    You will then be contacted by CQG support staff to offer you free 1:1 training to help get you up and running.

    CQG QTrader is just $40/month + $.25/filled contract with a $595 monthly cap + applicable exchange fees.*

    You will be billed by your FCM or, you can choose to be billed directly (transactional charges are always billed to the FCM).

    For questions, you may contact a CQG representative directly.

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