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I'm starting thread for people to comment and post what they'd like to see in CQG M.


  • I'd like to be able to set up a quoteboard with a set of symbols and share it with my co-workers easily.
  • To be able to sort the accounts numerically or alphabetically. 
    1. Bracket orders
    2. Price alerts
    3. Charts
    I believe #s 2 and 3 were mentioned as being in the works on a webinar I saw about CQG M. Not sure if bracket orders are on the roadmap or not. Thanks much
  • Recent "wishlist" items added to CQG M:

    - Chart trading added in v2.7 (charts were release in v2.2)
    - OCO order types added in v2.7
    - "Go Flat" button for all symbols added in v2.7
    - Volume Comparison widget added in v2.7
    - Heatmap added in v2.2
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    These features are now available on demo and production in CQG M version 2.7:
    • The innovative technical analysis tool, the Volume Comparison Widget, is now available as a standalone widget. It consolidates volume information and provides greater market transparency by employing several volume studies into a single infographic (mobile and desktop).
    • The trading from charts feature lets you show trading buttons, select a price, and execute a trade from the chart using the same trading buttons from Hybrid Order Ticket (HOT) (desktop, coming soon to mobile).
    • Order Study on charts shows working orders on the chart. It has been a popular tool available in CQG’s flagship product, CQG Integrated Client (mobile and desktop).
    • Options days to expiration displays important expiration information directly on the screen (desktop).
    • Added OCO orders, available in HOT, let you place target exit and stop loss orders (mobile and desktop).
    • The go flat feature, available in HOT, allows you to cancel working orders and liquidate positions for a particular symbol (coming soon). From the global menu, you can cancel working orders and liquidate positions for all symbols for a single account (mobile and desktop).
    • Improved widget linking adds the ability to start linking from the Add Symbol dialog (desktop).
    You can about read more of the new features in CQG M v 2.7 here.
  • Here are some of the exciting new features in CQG M version 2.8 on demo and production now.
    • Go flat (HOT): Go Flat for a single symbol is now available in the HOT widget.
    • Order info: In the order popup and in the HOT grid, you can now see information for the order
    • Modifying orders: in the order popup (both in buy/sell columns and at the top of the HOT) simply click on an order to open the Modify Order dialog
    • Good Til Time (GTT) has been added to order duration options
    • Sweep Mode: Enables trades into the opposite side of the market and to take all resting orders in the book up to your price.
    • In the QSS, the open interest column has been added

    You can about read more of the new features in CQG M v 2.8 here.
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    Here are some of the exciting new features available in CQG M version 2.9.

    CQG M on Phones
    • Details page layout improvements.
    • Trading buttons moved from the top of the details page to the chart.
    • Position display improvements give quick access to orders and positions and account switching.


    • Thermometer: Optional thermometer shows the open, high, and low for the day on the chart price scale.
    • More Moving Average (MA) options: As we work on configuring study parameters, we have added the most requested periods for the MA study.
    • Session markers: A chevron icon just above the time scale shows where the trading session changes.



    For all quote styles:
    • Rollover the orders and positions indicator for a tooltip showing your orders and positions.
    • Toolbar improvements make it easier to edit symbols and see orders and positions for the selected symbol.
    • Highlight quote nuggets on new highs/lows.
    • Thermometers on quote board (QB) and Market Watch added.
    • Market Watch QB style added.
    • Quote SpreadSheet (QSS)
    • A new column displays day-over-day change.
    • Drag-and-drop to reorder symbols.
    • More easily edit symbols.
    • Rollover the orders and positions indicator to see quantities.
    • Separate setting for price movement vs. buy/sell colors.


    • Improved linking: When linked to a quote board, the options widget receives the commodity from the quoteboard. Clicking a bid/ask price will still push the options symbol and price to a linked trading interface.


    Trading / Hybrid Order Ticket (HOT)
    • P/L now shown next to the position.
    • Highlight price on new highs/lows.
    • Highlight average price of position.
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    Here is an overview of the latest new features in CQG M version 2.10.

    CQG M on Phones
    • Heatmap view for quotes
    • Custom time intervals: You can now enter a custom intraday time interval on charts.
    • Improved drag & drop to place an order on HOT: You can click and drag to immediately place an order on HOT.
    • Limits above market: You can now place a limit order above market using either the trading buttons on HOT or drag & drop. There's a preference to configure how many ticks above market to force a limit order.
    • Liquidate/Cancel buttons on HOT: You can now configure HOT to show Liquidate and Cancel buttons for faster access. Turn these buttons on in the menu.
    • Smaller default HOT size: When adding a HOT to a page, it now will not fill the screen.
    • More symbol lists: We've added more symbol lists for commonly used strips/packs for convenience.
    • Preferences search: When you open preferences, simply start typing what you're looking for and the list will filter to show matching preferences.
    • Color settings for price movement: We've separated the configuration of buy/sell colors from price up/down colors so you can control them independently.
    • Updated styles: We've refined the look and feel of CQG M. Our design philosophy is that user interface elements (buttons, tabs, etc.) should fade to the background and the market content should have the highest contrast and stand out the most.
    You can about read more of the new features in CQG M v 2.10 here.
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    What's New in CQG M Version 2.11

    • Thermometer on QSS: Added the thermometer to the symbol column in the QSS style
    • Color cells in all quote styles: You can now mark a quote with color
    • Option to launch HOT or OT from the Buy/Sell buttons in the quotes toolbar
    • Tooltips on session markers
    • Coming soon: Study parameters
    • Bid/Ask columns are now separate by default
    • Show Cancel/Go Flat buttons for single-click access
    You can about read more of the new features in CQG M v 2.11 here.

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    Here's an overview of new features in CQG M version 2.12.
    • Orders and Positions columns are now available in the QSS style of the Quotes widget.
    • Click on the column headers to sort by any column in QSS.
    • Edit study parameters for any study and easily configure parameters and visual styles.
    • Easily add a study to all charts on a page.
    • Link studies to enable changing parameters on multiple charts at once.
    • Added new daily value box with thermometer.
    • Coming soon: tooltips and crosshairs.

    • New park and activate functionality.
    • Combine park and activate with GTT for hands-free workflow.
    • Simplify setup by launching any Orders and Positions view from another Orders and Positions widget.
    • Left bar will now stay open if you click the bars icon.
    • Improved search for preferences.
    • Added search functionality in the add widget dialog.
    • Updated scroll bar styles.
    You can read more about CQG M version 2.12 here.
  • Additional Chart Intervals:
    1) Tick charts
    2) Volume Charts
  • Hi Marcus,

    Are we going to have an audible alert for markets trading at certain price levels any time soon?
  • Hi Martin, yes, we are trying to get them soon. Hopefully Q1 of this coming year.
  • Bracket orders needed. Traders want less potential fumbling during fast market conditions...bracket orders help with this. This will make traders trade more often, thus creating more revenue for CQG. Not sure why this feature would warrant such a delay in development
  • Hi, Bracket orders and other smart orders are slated for release in late Spring of 2018. We will send out an email once these features are ready for release.
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