extreme NYSE tick readings?

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When using other data providers in recent years, a +1000 or -1000 nyse tick reading was not too uncommon.   in fact, we commonly used these readings as part of a trade entry model.   I use CQG with ninjatrader, and now, almost never see such readings, although those I keep in close contact with , still see such readings using other data providers.  Apparently the tick indicator and some kind of short term sweep a number of times each minute, in order for it to stay current.   Has this sweep cycle changed for CQG...?    and if so, how often is this calculation updated within each 1 min interval....?    thxs


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    Your observation of lower NYSE tick readings appear to be a result of lower historical volatility for the last couple of years as seen on the daily DJI chart below. I am using the range of the last 55 days in the historical volatility calculation. If you could have a friend of yours send a graphic of NYSE tick on another vendor - I will have something to compare our results with.


  • Hello,

    this is bit old thread but I would like to shine upon this some light.
    I do use CQG as data feed for several years by now, with NT brokerage currently. This data feed is literally one of the best, possibly THE best. I got never any issue, all works as it should.
    However, there's one BUT, that is costing me quite a lot money as time goes on. I am active emini ES trader that use a lot market Internals - NYSE TICK and NYSE AD Line

    Indeed, the NYSE TICK reading are not "correct". The same issue got DTN IQ feed and quite a few other companies. Only two I know about got it "right". Anyway, this is tricky statement, as each data provider calculate the NYSE TICK in its own way, so there's no right or wrong per se. However, watching in real-time data-feed from 4 different sources and talking a lot with emini futures trades, we can definitely say that NYSE TICK is by CQG calculated in the less effective way. There're indeed missing proper Extreme reads but also the skew of the readings is not that precise and as such the value we're getting there is lower.
    Due to this issue, I am each month paying extra 90 USD to other data provider to have just this one symbol more "accurate". Hopefully this will be changed in the future.
    Yet another disadvantage of CQG is lack of A/D Line symbol (as far as I know). To use it properly, one needs to have NYSE Advancing Issues and also NYSE Declining Issues and by add on indicator to make it proper NYSE Advancing / Declining Issues - to combine the two.
    This Internal Issue is then the only thing I can tell that could be better, other than that, it's just a PERFECT data-feed and IF one is not depended on these NYSE Internals, definitely the best choice to make!

  • PS: IF interested, I can provide numerous charts where is this "issue" very clearly visible, as this is definitely something that is not opinion based, but it's known by years of observing and trading by many traders
  • Hello - thank you for taking the time to contact us about your concerns. We will relay your concerns to our data department, but I don't expect a change in the near future.
  • Hello,
    Please contact us at support@cqg.com to discuss this area in more detail. Thank you
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