Multiple Accounts

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Is there a way to arrange(sort) the accounts? I have 50-70 different accounts, is there a way to put 10-15 accounts I want first and sort the rest numerically? Right now they are all listed in a random order.

Thanks in advance


  • Hopsy24
    Yes, there are management tools available for use in the Accounts area of Order and Positions.  Please visit our online help center at!Documents/accountpicker1.htm for step by step documentation on using the features.  

  • Jashton,

    Where do you do this on CQG-M? I have no problem on trader. The link you sent is for Intergrated client.
  • Hopsy24, we are working on a fix to this where multiple accounts will be listed in alphabetical order. It should be available in the next 2 weeks.

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