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These questions are for the following setup:
  • Exchange: Eurex
  • Broker: AMP Futures which is set up for CQG
  • Trading Server (i.e. Customer) location: Europe
Question 1:
If I locate my trading server to London should I expect to get lower latencies than if I locate it to Frankfurt ?
Question 2:
While opening/Closing positions is there any packet traffic between Europe and USA (e.g. Risk control) which may affect to latencies ?
Question 3:
While receiving quotes is there any packet traffic between Europe and USA which may affetc to latencies ?
Question 4:
Any suggestions for a reliable VPS provider in that city what was the answer for the 1st question ?


    1. Latency has many dependencies including overall internet connection health.  You should request the data or clearing server closest to your physical location.
    2. No.
    3. Large amounts of data requests for charts may affect latency for a short burst.
    4. No.

  • Thank you very much for your reply.

    I have to ask those question 1 and 3 again because I think we are not talking about the same thing now.


    Questions 2:
    Do the CQG have their server physically in Frankfurt so if my trading server is also located in Frankfurt there is no need to send data packets outside of the city while trading ?
    Question 3:
    If my server is located in London or Franfurt and it is receiving quotes from Eurex will any packets be routed via USA ?

  • If you are located in Frankfurt, the client connection will
    use our hosts in London. Once the client has connected to our London hosts, the
    data and trades will occur within the CQG network and stay local. This is for
    the live environment only and doesn’t include US markets or trades placed via
    our demo environment.

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    I must be very stupid guy but I still do not understand 100% :) I do not understand how I can be local if I am connected to London...


    do you mean that when I am trading "within the CQG network" my buy/sell order packet which is sent from my server which is colocated in Eurex WILL NOT GO OUT OF THE CITY (Frankfurt) and neither the CQG network does not have any needs to send packets out of the city ?

    I appreciate very much for your patience and forgive me my simplicity ;)
  • 1. We don’t have customer facing servers in Frankfurt.
    2. Quotes and trades from Eurex will not route via USA when using our London connection.

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