text font size adjustments

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I wish there was a option to manually adjust the font size for the devicewidth 

i also wish there was an in-between setting for tablet

desktop - full width and full processing power
tablet - middle width, with reduced number of pages, panels, data feed,
phone - minimum width and minimum content, 1 user action at a time, etc.

using desktop, the font size of the hot panel buttons seems a little too large.


  • Steve, thanks for the input. We've not put a lot of special effort to the tablet yet, admittedly. But are starting to more.

    We used to have a font size pref, but to simplify as we added more functionality, we decided to turn over font size to follow system prefs for each device.

    You can use desktop mode on your tablet by going to Preferences --> Layout --> Desktop. Then you can create some pages that are optimized for your tablet. 

    For instance, here are a couple of pages I just made:

    In addition, we do have a new mobile mode for the phone that will be coming out in the next week or so.

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