Portara - What is it in a Nutshell?

edited February 2016 in Historical Data
Portara is an award winning historical extraction technology that wraps itself around CQG Datafactory and allows you to extract data to suit your trading and research needs.
  • It includes a Datafactory LOCAL historical database for Futures Forex and Cash contracts from inception to today 1985 (1 min bar)/ (1965 Daily Bar)
  • Updates are from CQG several times per day to keep your local database current and complete
  • You may extract CONTINUOUS back adjusted data for import into any back-testing application worldwide ASCII/CSV/txt.
  • You may extract ACTUAL data files (known as Tenors) as part of an integrated technology.
  • Sessions are all flexible (customisable by you) as are timestamps and you may also create randomised or more/less volatile data for your own robustness testing schemas.
  • You may now chop away unwanted illiquid parts of 'all sessions data', create RTH data and much more.
  • Ideal for Quants CTA's, professional institutional traders, researchers and system developers.

for more information look here: portaracqg.com

NOTE: I will make more technical posts going forward.  If your trading team requires a technical demonstration email me for a hook-up: arthur@portaracqqg.com

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