Snap Trader now gone? No chart trading possible now?

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I am a relatively new user of Qtrader and never was in love with Snaptrader, since it is a clunky application for chart trading, but nonetheless, it offered at least an option to be able to trade from the chart. Now it seems you have nothing to replace it with. I don't know of another platform out there that doesn't give you the ability to trade,place,move orders simply on the chart. This seems like you are missing a few common things that everyone else has, not sure why?

The other major item missing is a Flatten button on the dom, that liquidates your current position and cancels all related orders. This is on every DOM I have ever seen, other than yours. 

I love the platform for a lot of reasons, but no chart trading and no flatten button will likely force me to move back from Qtrader soon.


  • Here is a link to detailed info on Cancel buttons:!Documents/cancelbuttonsdomtrader.htm

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you are not happy with the removal of SnapTrader. The retirement of SnapTrader was carefully considered prior to implementation.

    We understand how frustrating it is when vendors change the software you are using without warning and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    You may want to consider using the Order Display Study on your chart. Once an order is entered using a different interface, the use of this study will allow you to manage the working orders from the chart. In conjunction with the working orders window you will have full control over the working orders. See below:


    Please contact us for assistance in creating a new workflow to replace using SnapTrader in order management.
  • The Order Display study allows you to partially manage orders, ie just move them, not cancel or place orders. Also, it usually takes 2-3 times to click on the line for it to activate and then move the order, a very clunky and poorly designed interface compared to all other platforms with chart trading. These would be : Ninjatrader, Multicharts, Sierra Chart, ATAS, Motivewave, IB, Tradestation, and more. They all have a much more robust and simpler chart trading solution than CQG. 

    Also the close/flatten button on the DOM is an absolute MUST for me. I cant understand how this wasn't added at some point, seems like a huge miss to me...
  • Here are other platforms and their close/flatten buttons. Note that you have this in one form, the X All/Liq All button, but why do I have to liquidate my CL position at the same time as my ES(EP) trade? I just want to close the single position with 1 click, and for it also to cancel all open orders. A X/Liq button, and you even have room for this as shown.

    ALL other platforms have this. All of them, even the junky IB platform has this, and they all also have the ability to trade from the chart,usually with a panel with buy/sell buttons and lines on the chart that can be moved easily. 

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    You can quickly cancel orders and/or liquidate positions from the orders and positions display on the DOMTrader.

    Right-click on orders to cancel.
    RIght-click on positions to liquidate or reverse.

  • Liquidate option from the drop down does not cancel open orders, therefore you have to :

    Right click, select an item, manually cancel other orders

    At least 3 steps, and in a fast moving market, you can have those open orders fill before you can cancel them, which places you in unnecessary risk, imo. 

    Instead of trying to find work-arounds, why not simply put a button that 20 other platforms have found appropriate to do? 
  • Got it, thanks for the clarification. We've added a suggestion to add the button you're asking for, as well as cleanup some of the text of the existing buttons, which is confusing. We'll keep you updated here as to the progress of the suggestion.

    Thanks for your input and continued use of the software.
  • Thanks! If you manage to get this done and also build some form of a chart trader you'll have me for life
  • Any update on the flatten button? I got run again today because you don't have one, takes too long to close an order then manually cancel open orders this is a MUST for scalpers. A MUST!!
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    Well, I just spoke with one of your support guys in Singapore, and he said that MANY people he has talked to have the same concerns. You keep either removing features from the platform (no chart trading option WHATSOEVER), refuse to add simple features that all other platforms have already(Flatter/Liquidate button), or make the features more difficult to use(the hidden liquidate dropdown and 3 step process instead of a single button, the order position buttons now hidden and requires a 2 step process to change order size that replaced the visible order size buttons).

    It seems as though you are going 1 step forward and 2 steps back with many of these "upgrades". It will not be long before I have to move back to IB or CTS, sadly. I really liked many things about the platform, but for my trading it is much like having a Mercedes with 3 wheels. It's so close to being great but you guys seem to be missing the mark. Sad
  • Marcus is it true that you folks are working on another from of chart trader currently? Can you confirm?
  • Hi Japhro, yes we are. We'll keep you updated on when we'll release it.
  • Thank you, and appreciate your reply. 

    Any update on the flatten button as well? I got run again today on a scalp because I couldn't exit fast enough and got another order filled, happened to me 4x already, it it extremely dangerous to not have this in fast, computer driven markets
  • We are trying to get both features into our 2.7 release, hopefully mid-Oct.
  • Fantastic! thanks so much
  • Hello, Any update on this yet? Thanks
  • I just spoke with someone on the phone about this and it sounds like you are not going to release this feature this year. If this is correct I will be leaving, I can't live without this and a few other small things that your platform will not do, that others will do. All small and simple things but it seems there is little will to improve the platform. Too bad, I liked some things about it a lot. cheers
  • Japhy,
    Thank you for contacting CQG. We are reviewing your request as discussed with Elliott. We will let you know the outcome of the escalation.
  • I called again the other day, they said someone would call me back but yet again, no one has. Is there any news on this issue I have been asking on and off since May. Thank you
  • Hello,
    Thank you for contacting CQG, I can check on the status of your inquiry, do you have a system number I can reference from your call?
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