Custom Studies will be data-based ?

May We hope that Custom Studies will be data-based in reasonable future please?
Or how I can use Moving Average, or other Basic Studies, over DOM Custom Studies please? Now results not moving in time.
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  • Hello,
    We do not offer historical Dom Data or arrays. The studies are accessible in a tabular format on the display data option under a right click on the print button. The studies have to be overlaid on the chart (top of price), right click on the label in y-axis and apply to Dom trader
  • Historical DOM data collected on user PC.
    DomBidVol(@,2,Single,1.0_secs)-DomAskVol(@,2,Single,1.0_secs) - charting work OK

    MA(DomBidVol(@,2,Single,1.0_secs)-DomAskVol(@,1,Single,1.0_secs),Sim,20) - NO charting at all

    Only if Period=1 it plot equal to upper formula, without average. Even Period=2 not work.
  • Hi,

    We have a similar feature only available in our CQG IC product using TFlow chart on a 1 Bar basis in conjunction with the DomTracker indicator. DomTracker will allow you to plot either the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th best bids and offers as a group or individually (and apply weight for each of them). It also allows you to apply an Average with a period of your choice.This will provide a certain amount of historical data. However if you require all DOM updates, the best way is to use an API to collect the data in a database.
  • Hi
    About CQG IC,
    Is "Custom Studies" databased in IC or just TFlow indicator added?

    Will be this simple formula work in IC?
    MA(DomBidVol(@,2,Single,1.0_secs)-DomAskVol(@,1,Single,1.0_secs),Sim,20) - NO charting at all in QTrader.
  • Hello,

    I have tried the study that you listed and I am getting no results. what are you looking to get as an output on the above study?
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    Set period=1, like:
    MA(DomBidVol(@,1,Single,1.0_secs)-DomAskVol(@,1,Single,1.0_secs),Sim,1) ,Collected results must be visible.
    Set period>1, and no results in any CQG software. Correct?
  • Hello,
    Are you interested in DOM Volumes or Traded Volume?
    If its DOM volume

    DomBidVol(@,2,Single,1.0_secs)-DomAskVol(@,1,Single,1.0_secs),Sim,20) does not have history.

    Has to use DMTR on a Tflow chart.

    If its traded volume on the bid/offer for each minute

    Then he has to use

    VolAsk(@) and VolBid(@) under the Vol study in the toolbox.

    If using, minute charts the later half of the answer, subminute Tflow and DMTR.
    You may also request direct support by visiting or sending an email to
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