OCO Bracket orders in Sierra Chart

I have very recently switched to CQG from CTS via a partner FCM, and trading via CQG FIX with Sierra Chart as a Front End.

Yesterday I received a partial fill due to a margin violation, yet the previous day an identical order went thru without issue. I never experienced this issue via CTS FIX. Sierra Chart Support suggest the difference must be within CQG FIX.

I'm using the OCO bracket function on Sierra Chart - I'm submitting an order to buy 3, and two orders to sell 3. (on stop and on profit taking limit) Could it possibly be considering a "worst case" position of -6 (until fill confirmation for +3 received) If so this is forcing me to use double intraday margin to initiate trades.

This does not though answer why Monday's trade went thru without issue.

On CTS the order to buy 3 was sent, and on fill confirmation (+3) the two sell orders (limit and stop) were sent giving a worst case position of -3 which isn't breaching limits.

I have the FIX Log from yesterdays issue if required.

Please could you advise of any possible causes and if a CQG FIX update is feasible to solve the problem.



  • Hello,
    You will actually need to reach out to Sierra Charts for assistance as you are using their front end. If they find that anything needs to be corrected on CQG’s side, then they will raise the issue to us. If you have further questions, then please let us know.

    Thank you
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