Ipad Pro

Hi, I have found I use my iPad Pro 12.9" when not in front of my desktop. I have been testing the new mobile app on my phone and wonder if you are going to have it sized for iPad as it currently does not work. I like the way the app reloads when your device goes to sleep. The Desktop version you have to entirely log in again. This app is much better in that regard. What else is planned for Mobile?


  • Thanks for your feedback, Martin! We do think CQG for iPhone is a much better experience loading, logging in, offline, etc. We do have plans for an iPad version in the future, the idea is that it would be the quoteboard on the left and details page on the right.

    CQG for iPhone will be going live in February and will be sending out notifications soon. We will also be working on bracket orders as our next priority.
  • Set out sounds good. Can i suggest with the details page on the right that it toggles between details or HOT screen? FYI when I use desktop on my iPad the quote list has the rows quite spread out. Screen real estate not used very well. It is actually much closer on my desktop pc. Pretty sure you would be onto that Marcus but just in case.
  • Thanks Martin, yes, that's exactly the idea I was mentioning above. On the quote rows, can you check the task menu on of the quoteboard and toggle "Show symbol desc." and see what the difference is? When it's on, then the rows are much taller to accommodate the symbol description. When off, the rows would be much shorter.
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