Candlestick with tick charts on QTrader

Is there a way on QTrader to implement a 233 and 512 tick chart with candlesticks ?


  • Thank you for contacting CQG. Here are the steps to make a candlestick tick chart.

    1. Set the chart type to a range bar.
    2. By default this chart type is a bar. Right click on the bar and select Modify RB.
    3. Under display change Bar to Candlestick
    4. To change it to 233 or 512 ticks, enter ‘,233’ or ‘512’ (minus the apostrophes) and his enter.
  • The charts seem to be in daily format and not intraday ( per your instructions ).For example ,when scrolling the cursor each bar still represents a day and not any intraday segments . I followed your instructions and it does say 233 tick charts but I don't see any intraday segments at all
  • Sorry you are looking for a constant volume bar, not a range bar. Switch the chart to CVB and then youy have a 233/512 tick chart.
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